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The Veteran Beer Company is dedicated to providing lives of quality for military Veterans through the creation of meaningful post-service careers. The company will produce, sell, and deliver beers of superior quality, striving to employ Veterans in every role within the organization and the supply chain while adhering to the highest principles of military service, conducting business with integrity, courage, and loyalty.


The Veteran Beer Company is committed to being a preeminent beverage manufacturing company inspired by the highest traditions and principles of the United States military and dedicated to the comprehensive transformation, achievement and growth of its 100% Veteran employee force in a diverse and accepting community.

Why the Veteran Beer Company?

In 2012, the country was finally seeing a break in the national unemployment crisis.  Early in the year, general unemployment in America was a shade below 10%, though that number started to fall by mid-year.

Veteran unemployment remains alarmingly high–higher than the rest of the population, with unemployment figures for returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans steady at nearly 20%.  More shocking still are the unemployment figures for disabled Veterans—with contemporary reports saying that an astonishing 88% of those injured in the line of duty out of work.

We’ve reached a point in American history where if you volunteered to serve the country you hurt your chances for civilian employment.  If you were injured in the line of duty, you are almost unemployable in the United States.

Late in the year, the most alarming statistic of all was announced: in 2012, an average of 22 Veterans committed suicide every single day of the year.  We are literally losing more Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans to suicide than we ever lost on the battlefield.  That horrific trend continues today.

The Veteran Beer Company was created (by disabled Veterans) to change the momentum in Veteran unemployment by providing Veterans with meaningful opportunities for post-service careers creating and selling the finest domestic craft beer in America.  Period.   Ten percent of everything we make goes to charities that support Veterans causes; the rest goes to employ Veterans.

The company is now and will always be Veteran (and naturally, American) owned.  Our American-made products are hand-crafted by Veterans using only the finest ingredients.  Every drop is sold by Veterans.  The same passion, intensity and attention to detail that enabled us to serve as members of the world’s finest military goes into every bottle.  We’re working tirelessly to brew superior products so along the way you’re getting complete enjoyment as you drink the most important beer in America.

We’re trained from day one to leave no one behind, and until we can provide jobs for every unemployed Veteran, we’ve got work to do.

Thank you for your interest. Every time a consumer raises a glass or a bottle they’re helping achieve the VBC  mission.

–The Veterans